Building the foundation of safe product transport.

Building the foundation of safe product transport.

35+ years in the Wood Packaging Industry.

At SIM Pack, formerly known as Secure-In-Motion, we are dedicated to creating high-quality and trustworthy wood packaging solutions such as new pallets, used pallets, crates, boxes, skids, and heat-treated options. We know that maintaining the integrity of your products is crucial to the success of your business. That’s why we offer a wide selection of options to keep your manufacturing lines moving and ensure safe transportation.

Our goal is to provide a personalized experience that goes above and beyond your expectations. We achieve this by communicating in a timely manner and establishing a reliable and consistent partnership for all your shipping needs.

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Whether you require wood packaging products, sustainable services, or wood removal services, we are the ideal choice for your business. Choose SIM Pack for exceptional service and reliable solutions.

SIM Pack USA create wood pallet and customized crates for shipping


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We’re reducing our footprint!

Wood crate box and shipping pallets
Custom products including wood shipping pallets and crates for shipping

We continually look for opportunities to move closer to 100% bio-based stock. We limit our footprint by repairing used pallets, grinding wood waste into a usable fuel source, and practicing JIT (just-in-time) inventory of raw materials.

Our Carbon Impact Analysis services can assist you in understanding your environmental impact and developing practical solutions to reduce your footprint.

SIM Pack USA creates wood packaging products that are design product packaging

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Consultation and Proposal

Fill out our “Request a Quote” form to provide us with the necessary details about your product and packaging needs. Or reach out to our team directly to discuss your needs. We look forward to providing you with the best possible service.


Review Drawings

Our expert team can assist you in visualizing your pallet or crate design before making a purchase. Utilizing advanced technology, we can recommend cost-effective and protective solutions that are cutting-edge and innovative.


Production and Delivery

At SIM Pack, our integrated systems ensure the production and delivery of your order is exceptional. You can confidently streamline your shipping process, knowing that your products are secure in our wooden packaging.